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It is the simplest dish of Catalan cuisine. It consists simply of a piece of bread (toasted or not) spread with tomato. The tomato is not crushed, it is simply cut in half and distributed on the piece of bread. Many add a little oil and salt.
It is a perfect dish for breakfast or as a companion to any meal. In addition, Catalans have a tradition of spreading tomatoes on their sandwiches.

The calçots are a very traditional onion variety in the interior part of Catalonia. These are cooked on the grill and are known to be accompanied by an amazing romesco sauce. The time of year when this product is consumed is at the end of winter. It is a typical dish to spend a family winter afternoon. As a first course, the calçots are grilled and, as a second, the catalan families use to grilled different kinds of meat. Perfect combination!




From a distance it looks like a paella, but if you look closely you can find noodles instead of grains of rice. Made with a base of fish stock, the fideuá is an exquisite dish that will not leave you indifferent. In Barcelona, it is very typical to eat fideuá with a little of alioli sauce. The result of this mix: Spectacular!

It is a delicious dish consisting of a mix of onion and chopped garlic, pieces of cuttlefish, squid and prawns, fish stock, rice and squid ink. Like the fideuá, black rice is usually accompanied by a bowl with a bit of alioli sauce. Like this, each person can take the portion of sauce that they wants.


The escalivada is a very typical dish of Catalonia that is made from aubergine, pepper, onion and tomato. All these vegetables are grilled or baked and then it rest outside to cold it down. Once the ingredients are cold they are skint. Then, they are served in long strips and dressed with olive oil and salt. Finally, anchovies are added. This dish is perfect for summer. It is a very healthy dish, with a large amount of proteins.

This dish drives crazy to everyone who tries it: from the youngest in the house to the oldest. It is a roll of pasta filled with meat inside, although there are also other varieties with vegetables and fish. This roll is bathed in bechamel sauce and wrapped with grated cheese to brown it in the oven.



In Catalonia, what is known as Mar i Muntanya (sea and mountain) is very typical, which consists of mixing products such as fish or seafood with meat in the same dish. The meatballs with sepia is a clear example. This dish consists of cooking the meatballs and cuttlefish with a tomato sauce until the two main ingredients are very soft and tender.

Now it's time for the desserts. The best known of this region is the Catalan cream, which consists of a pastry cream based on egg yolk that is usually covered with a layer of caramelized sugar on its surface to provide a crunchy contrast. It is a dessert very similar to the crème brûlée and that activates the five senses of all those who try it.


Below we explain some of the typical dishes of Catalan cuisine. There are many missing, but with this list you can get an idea.
We advise you to have a full belly before reading further ;-)

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